How to set up a 2nd internal drive

  hiwatt 20:01 16 Mar 2009

Hi folks.I have a spare computer with a 40GB hardrive and I want to remove the hardrive and connect it to my current computer to use as a back up.Can someone please tell me how I should do this?Thanks.

  DieSse 20:04 16 Mar 2009

Does you current system use PATA or SATA drives?

If it uses SATA drives, do you have one or two Optical drives?
Do you have a second PATA channel?

If your newer system uses PATA drives, how are all the drives in it currently set up?

  hiwatt 20:07 16 Mar 2009

My motherboard uses a sata drive and has 2 SATA connections.

  Grey Goo 20:09 16 Mar 2009

An alternative is to buy a caddy and use the HD as an external drive.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:11 16 Mar 2009

Grey Goo's idea is by far the best and you can pick up a caddy for around £16. Having a USB drive means that you can swap from computer to computer and you can lock it away if you go on holiday.


  hiwatt 20:12 16 Mar 2009

I would quite like(if possible)to just use it as another internal as a back up.It's actuall an 80GB drive not a 40GB.It's a samsung SV0802N.Thanks.

  DieSse 20:21 16 Mar 2009

You will almost certainly have a PATA channel, which can handle two devices.

If you currently have two optical devices, then you have nowhere to connect a PATA hard drive.

If you only have one optical device, you can connect the old hard drive on the cable alnog with the optical.

If the current IDE cable only has a single connector, you'll have to get one with two connectors.

Then you fit the hard drive as a Master or Slave on the IDE cable - whichever one the optical drive ISN'T set to.

However the external drive route has several advantages- if your new system goes totally kaput, it may take an internal hard drive with it - if it gets stolen, you lose an internal drive backup too.

  hiwatt 20:34 16 Mar 2009

So if I just remove the drive from the old computer and get one of these caddies,I can then just put it in there and attach it to my computer via a USB port?Will any caddy be able to take this drive?Any help is much appreciated.Thanks.

  gazzaho 21:19 16 Mar 2009

You will need an EIDE drive enclosure for the drive, these come with full fitting instructions and power supply/cables.

I would check first to see if you have an EIDE optical drive/drives, optical drives can have EIDE or SATA connections now days, if your system is pretty new chances are the drive is SATA. If you have an EIDE optical drive and want to install the hard drive internally set the optical drive jumper to slave and the hard drive jumper to master for best performance, also place the hard drive on the end IDE cable socket and the optical drive on the middle IDE cable socket.

  hiwatt 22:05 16 Mar 2009

Can you tell me what an optical drive is please?I don't know much about the inside of a computer.My motherboard is an Abit KU8 and has 2 sata connections.

  Strawballs 22:10 16 Mar 2009

An optical drive is CD/DVD drive

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