How to Send photos on Facebook

  ponytail 08:41 14 Sep 2014

Can someone tell me how to send photos on Facebook as the person in Australia I want to send them to does not have email but is on Facebook

  chub_tor 09:22 14 Sep 2014

I presume that you and the person in Australia already have Facebook accounts, for without one you cannot post photos on Facebook.

Go to your Facebook timeline and just underneath the section with People You May Know you will see a box with the headings Status, Photo/Video and Life Event.

Click on Photo/video and then on Upload Photos/Videos.

Select the photo that you want to share and add any comments.

Click on Post in the right hand corner of the box and wait for the photos to appear on your timeline.

Alternatively Read this

  ponytail 09:40 14 Sep 2014

Have done what you suggested and the photo is there so how do I send it.Thank's

  SparkyJack 09:57 14 Sep 2014

Don't know about Facebook,social media is not my bag, but to your problem.

With the image of interest on screen' press print screen/Ctrl. Go to your image editor then edit/paste.

Adjust the image to suit.

Go to File/save as' save to a suitable location.

Prepare your normal email and attatch the thee image

  AroundAgain 10:04 14 Sep 2014

Hi In order to have a Facebook account, I thought you needed an email address. I've just checked the sign up page and you have to put in an email address.

So, assuming you are 'friends' on Facebook, why don't you send her a 'Chat' message. You can then ask her for email address or just 'click & drag' the photo file into the Message box and it will send to her once you send the message.

Hope that helps

  ponytail 10:14 14 Sep 2014

She has got a email address but it is only on her phone does not have a pc yet.I did send a email to her with a couple of photos attached she got the email but no attachments.She uses her phone for going into Facebook.

  ponytail 10:18 14 Sep 2014

Hi SparkyJack have pressed print screen/Ctrl.where do I go to to find my image editor.Also if I want to send quite a few photos at least ten would I only be able to do one at a time this way

  SparkyJack 14:01 14 Sep 2014


As I understand it XPT wishes to send her pictures 'privately off the FB platform. In which case my advice is relevant.

PonyTail A picture editor could be Picassa/Photoshop Elements/any ofcthevSerif down laoads or depending on your Win system a basic one may be included.

You could also try in the email page 'insert/then go to where ever you put the print screen image as described

Like I said don't do Facebook,very private me.

  ponytail 16:47 14 Sep 2014

I have now sent some photos on Facebook by clicking on the photo button and downloading from my cameras memory card and these seem to ok.Will send some more tomorrow too late now as it is about 11.45pm in OZ.

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