How to see my Firefox/Thunderbird version without downloading?

  polymath 17:47 01 Dec 2014

I've always clicked Help - About to see which version I have, but recently I haven't been able to do that without the program instantly starting a download of a later version (if any). Anyone know how to find out without triggering these downloads?

  lotvic 18:06 01 Dec 2014

Have a look at the setting you have in Tools > Options > Update tab. Mine is set for 'Never check for updates' and I am able to do the Tools > Help > About, without problem.

  lotvic 18:11 01 Dec 2014

Update tab is under the 'Advanced' tab FF and Thunderbird.

I'm thinking I ought to change mine to 'Check for updates but let me choose whether to install'

  Batch 19:22 01 Dec 2014

Bit of a pain, I know, but for tbird go to:

C:\Program Files\Mozilla Thunderbird\ and right click thunderbird.exe, select Properties and go to the Details tab.

I guess similar works for Firefox.

  polymath 21:46 01 Dec 2014

Thank you both! I've now set both of them to 'check but let me choose whether to install' (again!). I chose that from the start I think, and I'm sure my settings used to survive updates. I guess Mozilla has got more nannyish (I like to decide when to do downloads of any size, as they can make everything else grind to a halt if it's a slow connection/busy time.

I can't test the setting yet (as everything's up-to-date!), but I'm sure it's done the trick.

  lotvic 23:06 01 Dec 2014

I've changed my settings to same :) as you say, time will tell...

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