How to see files etc on other computer

  TN 15:44 01 Dec 2013

I have a main PC running Windows 7 and a Laptop, recently acquired, also running Windows 7: The Main Desktop PC has an ethernet connection to my Router and the Laptop has a WiFi connection. Both computers are members of a Homegroup; Both are set up to share files and printer. However I cannot see the anything relating to the Laptop on the Main Computer and vice versa. Where should I be looking for this? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

  Woolwell 17:40 01 Dec 2013

Open Network and see if either desktop or laptop are listed. It could be a firewall snag.

  TN 14:22 08 Dec 2013

No Woolwell, it only shows the Main PC dotted line to Talktalk and dotted line to Internet. Ditto on the Laptop. No sign of either on the other Computer.

  TN 14:25 08 Dec 2013

Wee bit more info re. above - when I open the Network Map it shows the line going to the repeater but nothing past that (The Laptop)

  Woolwell 18:49 08 Dec 2013

Check that they are in the same network and passcode inserted. Briefly turn off firewall to see if either can now be seen.

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