How to securely wipe data from dead PC

  john bunyan 11:17 21 Jun 2018

In another thread I explained that a newish Dell Laptop had a failed motherboard and is being replaced under warranty. Dell say they will securely wipe the SSD HD. However on a more general point , if this had occurred on an out of warranty PC , wiping is not easy. On my old Toshiba Satellite you could take out the HD easily and wipe it on another PC. The Dell XPS 13’s SSD is buried in the PC and is bitlocker protected . Also as I am returning it under warranty I can’t take it apart even if I knew how. Luckily, being a sceptic on internet banking etc there is not much stuff to worry about and the data is backed up, but I still can’t get at the SSD to deregister from software with a 1 PC licence

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:43 21 Jun 2018

Without being able to remove the SSD or HDD and connect to another PC (or smash to bit) then not much chance of you getting at it.

n your case was the machine booting and just a graphics chip failure so no display?

if so then if you had it set to auto boot to desktop then may be you could attach to a network and get at your machine that way?

  john bunyan 13:51 21 Jun 2018


Sadly this was a motherboard failure, diagnosed remotely by Dell Premium Service. The keyboard lit but no display either on laptop or external monitor. I had set it with a homegroup but the April update removed that facility and I had not set up the new “ read nearby devices” method. I am sure there is little security risk as the HD is bitlocker encripted, and Dell will securely wipe it. My question was if the PC had been out of warranty. Adobe have been helpful by allowing me to reload CS5 on the new PC , but I am not so sure about my lifetime MBAM licence that should have been de registered. I may try, having cloned the new pc, loading an image via Macrium from the old one and if that works quickly de registering MBAM and iTunes, then restore to the new PC from the clone and reload iTunes, MBAM Premium etc.

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