How to securely backup my music, etc with windows 7 to my external hard drive?

  julius44 08:16 11 Jun 2011

Hello and good morning to u all. Ive had my brand new windows 7 desktop for about nearly a month now, all is well with the desktop...considering my prev pc was windows XP, so its a big leap for me, but def worth it LOL. The only problem that I seem to have is that under the solve pc issues: A liitle icon keeps showing that Ive never backed up my data...and this is totally correct, so I need good advice on how to do this. Okay I have a 1tb external hard drive attached to my desktop,...and all my videos, photos, docs are already backed up on my external hard drive, so that is ok...BUT all my itunes music is currently ONLY on my desktops hard drive(very silly I know, lol!!!)...and there are prob 1 or 2 other things on the desktop that I need to back up to....So far, for my desktop it says total size is 919GB, space free is 767GB. My music is probably the most importat thing i have on my desktop. So i just need some advice about how to do it 100% correctly, and the correct way how to do this pls.

Do I use the windows backup system, and if yes how pls?? OR can anyone advice on any better freeware please??? Also whichever I used will it automatically back up all my new data on a daily basis...or will I have to manually do this each time pls?/

They say that constant data backup is prob on of the most importnat things for computer users, lol..i guess they are write. Much appreciated for any help that can be rendered.

  hastelloy 08:43 11 Jun 2011

I use Acronis True Image to back-up to external HDD.

I have C drive which only has my OS and software, D drive which contains My Documents etc. I also have other internal HDDs for video, music and photos. Using Acronis, I make an image of my C and D drives to separate partitions on 1 ext HDD. I then have copies of my video, music and photos on 2 other ext HDDs.

This may be a bit OTT but I have never (!!!) lost any data, software or settings. There have been 2 occasions in the past few years when my C drive has gone belly-up but using the back-up image, it only takes a short time to be up and running again exactly as it was before on a new C drive.

  gengiscant 08:44 11 Jun 2011

I used this,Sync which is simple to use and free. I use it to back up My Music which includes itunes,my pictures videos and anything else I choose, this bit of software will sync automatically if you add anything to any folder you have synced on your PC. Good bit of kit. Never used Microsoft back up so could not comment. To turn off the nag screen Backup nag

  julius44 10:13 11 Jun 2011

many thanks for replies....gengiscant, i tired pure sync, but it seems a bit complicated, and it doesn't seem to allow me to copy/back up my c ive removed [email protected] I know that people talk about Acronis true image and how good it is....can i get a free trial of this pls?? or are there any toher freeware alternatives pls???

  gengiscant 10:30 11 Jun 2011

Sorry I did not realize you which to image your C drive, something I do not bother to to do as I have a 60GB SSD which holds my operating system and programs, everything else is on a 500GB drive then backed up to a 1TB NAS drive.

But if you are looking for a good free image software then Easeus Todo Image is far better than the bloated Acronis.

  hastelloy 13:05 11 Jun 2011

gengiscant I've never used Easus so can't comment but wouldn't consider Acronis to be "bloated".

julius44 If you have a Seagate, Maxtor, or Western Digital HDD, you can download a cut down version of Acronis from the HDD manufacturer's site free of charge.

  robin_x 14:21 11 Jun 2011

I use either Macrium Reflect Free or EASEUS Todo.

Better to have more than one image if you have lots of space. They do fail sometimes.

While I prefer Macrium for speed and ease of use, EASEUS is still easy and also has the added feature of allowing resize on restore. Helpful if you mess around with partition sizes or restore to another disc.

Don't forget to make the boot discs.

I do everything manually. I can remember what is what then.

emails and bookmarks/favourites also done separately. eg I use Mozbackup.

Images can be 'mounted' so you can just get at individual files/folders if you don't want a full restore.

If you mant to check out W7 Imagining and Backups

Start/Search...backup and restore center. But I think it's awful.

I keep all my movies on ext HDD (not backed up, they are too big)

And of course lost the lot recently. Hey Ho. They are all replaceable.

Don't forget to make your recovery DVDs either.

Have fun.

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