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How secure is your bank data?

  johndrew 14:16 17 Oct 2013

As a result of the recent Adobe breach some people may find this article on the experience of one individual and what may be done to protect yourself of interest.

  johndrew 10:47 19 Oct 2013

Yet again no one is interested.

  wee eddie 11:25 19 Oct 2013

John, Before I saw Woolwell's posting I was about to say roughly the same thing.

That is, that those that had read the article had little constructive to add to it.

  rickf 12:26 19 Oct 2013

Actually it's an interesting read and I have learnt a few things from the article. I did not know for example that the browser manager had basic encryption which was why I never used it thinking it would make me even more vulnerable. Thanks.

  johndrew 10:40 20 Oct 2013

When posting this sort of information a little feedback is helpful. I am now loath to answer many requests for help as there is no response from the requester which means I have no idea if the suggestion made has helped. Nor is there any thanks in many cases. As a result such little information as posted here can only be seen as ignored or not worthwhile. Simple "views" give no indication at all.

Perhaps it is me expecting a small amount of unwarranted feedback or thanks for efforts made when it is considered invalid by others. I have always made the effort to thank those who have provided me with any information whether requested or simply noted from a post made in general support - this was, until recently, a common courtesy on this site. This also may have something to do with the number of 'original' members who no longer appear to use the site - I know some have made their intentions to cease their involvement known.

  Pine Man 11:33 20 Oct 2013

This site is slow enough without creating more traffic.

If everybody who had read your post gave a view there would have been in excess of an extra 250 posts.

Your post was general,not specific, and if any body felt the need to comment they would have done.

I don't really think you need to throw your teddy out of the pram and stop answering requests for help because you didn't get many replies.

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