How to secure wireless network??

  southpaw 17:55 22 Apr 2005

I've just purchased a D Link DSL904.

I would like to secure my wireless network. I click on the WPA setting and its asks for ISP address, port and secret.

I'm new to this all. Where can I get my ISP number and what should i put for port and secret (is that a password??)

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  southpaw 21:00 22 Apr 2005


  Nelmon2k 21:36 22 Apr 2005

Hi, There are several things you should use when securing a wireless network. The first thing you should do is make sure your ssid broadcast is set to disabled. This stops random passer bys being about to detect the presence of your wireless network as easily.

The next thing you should do is enable mac addressing. There should be a option to do this in your router setup. It should ask for a list of mac address' to let access your network. This will only allow computers with mac address' that have been entered here to access your network. To get the mac address' of your computers open the command prompt on them and type ipconfig /all. This should give you the mac address of your wireless card.

I personally don't know how to use WPA encryption as this is not supported by some of the computers that are on my wireless network. However you can use WEP instead. To do this it should be much easier. Somewhere in your configuration of your router it should have a option to enable it. The concept is a lot easier as all you need to do is type a random number into the box of a certain length (normally about 10 or 13 characters) and enter this on the setup of your wireless cards on your computers. Hope this helps and sorry for the slow reply...

  southpaw 22:24 22 Apr 2005

Sorry, you've confused me?

Firstly where can I get my ISP address?

I then go to the WPA setting and it asks for my ISP number and port and secret.

  georgemac © 07:30 23 Apr 2005

I have never tried using WPA.

The advice above from Nelmon2K is sound - follow his steps and use WEP instead of WPA.

  selfbuild 18:01 23 Apr 2005

I do use WPA and have never been asked for my ISP number, port and secret.

A quick question.... does your wifi card in your PC support WPA?

  Aspman 11:12 25 Apr 2005

If you go with WEP remember to change your keys reguarly. WEP can be cracked reasonably easily given time. If you change your keys once a month (at least) that would put off any 'skiddie' crackers.

  southpaw 20:02 25 Apr 2005

Hi guys

Thanks for all the help. I tried to follow what you advised and also spoke to the helpdesk telephone number availiable with the router.

After a lot of messing around I decided to give up and just stick with a cable! So I took the router back to the shop for a refund.

Felt that just wanting a simple and safe wireless connection wasn't something I could get at this moment.

Thanks for all your help and advice though, I really did (and still do) appreciate the help and advice that this forum can provide.

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