How secure is Windows XP Pro firewall

  23790954 12:01 31 Jan 2005

Having just upgraded to Windows XP Pro a few months ago, I have been delighted with it. It is definately the best Microsoft Operating System. However as a safety measure I have installed my Norton Personal Firewall. As Windows XP Pro has it own built in firewall, I have to disable one of the firewalls to receive my 'e' mails etc. I am thinking of uninstalling my Norton personal firewall, and only using Windows XP firewall, but the question is How Secure Is This? Has anyone else relied totally on Windows XP firewall, and have the results been faultless. Thanks for any help given.

  Noelg23 12:05 31 Jan 2005

it is quite secure but to be honest I wouldnt use Norton...its not that reliable and it can cause problems for your internet connection...for good security for firewalls apart from the Win XP a program called Zone Alarm...its very good, its free and does what it says on the tin...I wouldnt touch Norton with a barge pole for anything whether it be firewall, antivirus...

  ACOLYTE 12:11 31 Jan 2005

Windows firewall as far as i know only blocks incoming traffic,it does ask if a program tries to access the net,but often just allows things out if you already have a virus this can be a problem.I would try ZA or Sygate,the latter being what i have and it works very well.

  JaßîsFaß ˜ 12:11 31 Jan 2005

XP firewall alone is not sufficient protection. Zone Alarm from click here

  JaßîsFaß ˜ 12:13 31 Jan 2005

Link for Sygate click here

  The Sack 13:10 31 Jan 2005

Although i prefer Sygate my windows firewall in SP2 does block outgoing connections.

  The Sack 13:11 31 Jan 2005

Although i prefer Sygate myself, windows firewall in SP2 does block outgoing connections.

  JaßîsFaß ˜ 13:13 31 Jan 2005

About XP firewall for info

click here

  ACOLYTE 13:29 31 Jan 2005

It seems i was not quite correct about the windows firewall,my apologies but i would still install another standalone firewall in place of the xp one,these firewalls have .dll checkers that can tell you when they have been altered or changed and i don't think windows firewall does this when you let a program through it doesn't check all the apps associated with that program so if one of those is a viral app then it goes through with the main program the others have this function,but i think only in the pro versions.

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