How secure is windows xp firewall?

  chrisbenwalker 12:00 18 Apr 2006

I have a new laptop with Windowes XP SP2 installed. I have windows Firewall activated, although I used to use zonealarm on my old pc since I did not have SP2.

Does anyone know how effective the Windows firewall is, as I don't want to have to install additional software if it isn't needed.

Should I turn off the Windows firewall and instyall Zone Alarm? Or even install ZA and use both?

Any advice appreciated, Regards Chris

  johnnyrocker 12:02 18 Apr 2006

only one at a time, the windows one is incoming only and does not alert about outgiong, most users on this site advocate a free one and turn the windows one off


  ACOLYTE 12:04 18 Apr 2006

Windows firewall only blocks 1 way,so you may be better getting another firewall if you feel you need more security,having said that i used windows firewall for months on another pc with no ill effects at all.I wouldnt use both and most firewalls will turn off Windows firewall when you install them.

  chrisbenwalker 12:05 18 Apr 2006

Cheers for that advice, I wasn't aware of the incoming/outgoing. Regards, Chris.

  jz 12:07 18 Apr 2006

If you're not particularly techical and want no hassle, the Windows XP one is your best bet.

If you are more technical and don't mind getting pop-ups asking you if you want to allow various different programmes to talk to the internet, and know how to fix thinks if you press the wrong button (eg denying a programme access to the internet when you really should have allowed it) then go for a free one such as Zone Alarm. You get outbound protection, as others have mentioned, but this can create more problems if you aren't too technical.

  pokemom 12:36 18 Apr 2006

I had zone alarm PRO which is free for a 2 week trial bu5t its also cheap enough ,i found it really good Until i found a pc mag with Mc afee on the cover disc and as i had it in 1 pc ,when i found this iwas over joyed and yes you can SEE the diffrence but as in protection fortunatly have had no ill effects of any firewall ,i just maiatain that i always have one of some kind of Protection

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