How to screen capture??

  Madpad_001 23:11 12 Aug 2004

I need to give a brief to one of my boss's about web sites, in particular army sites. But I am unable to use the internet at the time of the brief. So my thinking is to do some screen captures of virious sites then put them into powerpiont to show him. But I do not have the knowleagde to do this, so please help me.

  gplatt2000 23:21 12 Aug 2004

Press 'Print Screen' key (should be somewhere abouve your delete key, by the F12)

Then go into an image editor such as Pain and just press CTRL + C to paste the captured image.

Save that as whatever you want, put it into powerpoint and you're done.

Hope this helped

  Madpad_001 23:34 12 Aug 2004

Tried the above at least I think I did my key board says "Prt Sc Sys Rq". I asume that is the print screen key. I also use paint shop pro as my image editor, opened it up pushed "ctrl C" and nothing happened, am I being a 100% fool or not??

  Talented Monkey 00:30 13 Aug 2004

as it is NOT CTRL C

paint Shop pro use CTRL V or right click anywhere and you will get the paste option as new layer new image etc. Or you can select it from the Menu .. EDIT -> PASTE.

and yes the PRT SC key is short for Print Screen. that is the right key.

  Madpad_001 07:40 13 Aug 2004

Thanks Talented Monkey & gplatt2000 at least nowI can show my boss something.

  Sethhaniel 08:18 13 Aug 2004

Alt(control) + printscreen and you just get the active window

  gplatt2000 13:26 13 Aug 2004

OOooops, lol sorry about that, I mean ctrl + v lol. Thanks for pointing that out

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