how to save my favs to different folders in edge

  carnoustiejim 13:24 26 Jan 2018

hi can you let me know how to saved my fav web sites to folders in windows edge thanks kirriejim

  alanrwood 13:28 26 Jan 2018

I assume you mean the folder where Edge stores your Favorites.

I tried this and never found a way to do this.

  MJS WARLORD 10:44 29 Jan 2018

go to web page then click the star at the end of the address bar , their is a pull down tab as well to make your own folders

  alanrwood 12:18 29 Jan 2018

Yes but that does not allow you to save in any location. It just allows you to create folders in the existing Favorites location.

I thinh the OP wants to save his/her Favorites in a completely different location ie in "My Documents\Favorites".

I store my IE Favorites there so they are backed up at the same time as every other document.

  [DELETED] 17:49 29 Jan 2018

In Edge click on the settings 'three dots' top right, select settings, Import from another browser, export to file, it defaults to Documents and is saved as a Microsoft Edge HTML file.

  [DELETED] 17:53 29 Jan 2018

If I've misunderstood the question then you can also create a new folder in Favourites and drag and drop important favourites to the selected folder.

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