how to save a gmail to my documents

  patso 17:37 06 May 2012

Hi,my wife had to change her email to gmail,before i could copy and paste to save her emails in a word document now gmail is frustrating the life out of me trying to save them.i cant find any way to do this,whats with gmail and chrome,any ideas how i can do this please,windows 7 home hp pavilion dv6

  [DELETED] 17:46 06 May 2012
  patso 18:28 06 May 2012

thanks rdave 13 for taking the time to reply,it is very technical the link as its a quick fix for my wife and she would not be able to use the link,i have just found another solution.when you open the gmail you use the print all icon on the right,when the print dialogue box opens instead of sending to printer you just send to xps file or pdf file or whatever prog you have on your the way printing gmails works fine on my pc copying and saving with word starter 2010 it isnt woorking with word 2007 on her pc?is it a compatibility issue with ms? Thanks again and reply greatly appreciated and hope my solution helps others on the forum.

  mimosa418 10:46 07 May 2012

I do not understand the complication. I regularly select and copy text in a Gmail which is open in the browser (Chrome) and paste in to a word document, in both Word 2007 and 2010.

  mimosa418 10:51 07 May 2012

You might also wish to try this Create a Document

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