How safe is WPA wireless ?

  Septogenarian 13:10 27 Aug 2009

This may seem a silly question , but then that's what absolute beginners ask , how safe is WPA ?
Despite assurances that internet banking and shopping is safe , I still use it with some trepidation. Now I have received a wireless hub which I would like to use with my laptop , I am even more paranoid about broadcasting my info all over the place , even though I am assured that the signal is encrypted and nobody else can see what I am doing . Reassurance would be appreciated .

  tullie 13:58 27 Aug 2009

I have conducted many transactions wirelessly and never had a problem.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:50 27 Aug 2009

You stand more chance of hitting the 6 Lotto numbers, the seven EuroLotto numbers and marrying Cameron Diaz (or Brad Pitt) in the same weekend than a home computer being hacked.


  Septogenarian 15:28 27 Aug 2009

May I refer you to PC Advisor headline " WPA cracked in 60 seconds " Not very reassuring lol.

  SB23 15:28 27 Aug 2009

Its better than WEP, and a whole lot more secure.

My router is using WPA and I've never had any problems whatsoever, and my wife and I do alot of shopping online.
I believe that "G" is correct, as the encryption used in WPA is difficult to crack even if you know what you're doing.

Don't worry.


  Septogenarian 15:31 27 Aug 2009

Hi Steve , our posts seem to have overlapped .

  Septogenarian 15:57 27 Aug 2009

With reference to " WPA security cracked in 60 seconds " once again I ask , how safe is WPA .

  bremner 16:33 27 Aug 2009

WPA2-PSK is very safe if you have a good password or even better a passphrase.

Look at it this way if a determined professional wants to access your wireless connection to obtain your banking details there is probably little you can do. Just as if a determined professional burglar wants to break into your house to steal your bank statements there is little you can do.

Do you think you are likely to be the target of a determined professional hacker?

If there is someone touring your area looking to access someones wifi it will be to generally surf the internet for free, probably to view / download porn and they will only be interested in insecure networks.

  iscanut 16:39 27 Aug 2009

Gandalf says it all....if a hacker for some reason WPA key and tried to hack it, then he would probably suceed, as he would whatever the encryption..BUT out of all the millions of router/hubs being used privately, what are the chances of yours being compromised. Use a good firewall, anti malware and anti virus and don't ude any sites you do not trust and enjoy online banking, shopping etc as I have done for years now without a hitch.

  SB23 19:28 27 Aug 2009

If, as already mentioned, you have a good AV, Firewall, Antispyware, and use commonsense when visiting sites you will be fine, bremner is also correct. If someone determined enough is going to get your info, or anyone elses for that matter, there ain't nothing you can do to stop it.
My router is a safe as I can make it. Its using WPA, the login to the router only I know, encrytion is on, thats all I can do. Besides, if I was that sort of person, I would login to one of the 6 unsecured networks on my road, rather than try a secured one.


  Septogenarian 09:55 28 Aug 2009

O.K. O.K. , I'm convinced , I know any use of the internet carries some degree of risk so I will keep my head down behind my anti-virus and firewall ,
thanks .

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