How safe is it to pay for goods over net??

  simongy 23:00 20 Aug 2003

Are buyers protected in the same ways if they went into a shop and paid for goods. Does the Sales of Goods Act etc apply to net transactions?
Speaking for myself I've only dealt with companies that have high street store or ones that are personally recommended like: amazon. Thks in advance.....

  xania 10:22 21 Aug 2003

You will need to read the terms and conditions to find out what the company policy is regarding the return of goods. Then you should speak to your credit card company and understand their policy on complaints. Buying via an auction click here you can find lots of feedback about the company before going ahead with a purchase. Using an organisation like click here or click here will also offer some security, but, once again, read the small print.

  Ben Avery 10:31 21 Aug 2003

ALWAYS check for the basics like the web address changing from http:// to https:// and the secure "padlock" symbol at the bottom.

If they aint there, definately don't input your details!


  TechMad 10:35 21 Aug 2003

You should take the following precautions:

1. Ensure that your browser's Cipher Strength is 128bit. You can find this out in Internet Explorer by going to the help menu and selecting the "About" option. Its under the version line. For other browsers you will have to play around to find out.

2. Ensure that before you enter your credit/debit card details that you see either 'https...' at the start of the web address or a padlock in the status bar. Again this may vary depending on the browser you use.

  TechMad 10:36 21 Aug 2003

I am a slow typer and so didn't see your message.

  Stuartli 10:49 21 Aug 2003

I've been ordering products over the Net since the mid-1990s and have always found that if I follow simple basic security steps, including those outlined above, there are no problems - it's probably safer than ordering on the phone.

Not surprisingly, there have been some occasions when I have had problems with a retailer with faulty goods etc; in these cases Visa (Lloyds TSB version in my case) has always provided superb backup and, when necessary, a full refund and, in some cases, the cost of returning the faulty items.

Your rights are just as relevant over the Net as elsewhere and, in fact, some credit card companies advertise their product as being especially valuable for online use - one is Marbles although its initial credit limit may prove limiting for some.

  simongy 14:12 21 Aug 2003

thks for the adice

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