how safe are 'downloaded programn files'

  mec13 14:19 05 Nov 2005

There are over thirty programns, some are obvious, but most I have'nt a clue what they are. Are they those 'Active x things' needed to download programns from the internet.

If they are, then I blame this forum for all those tempting 'clck here' links which need looking at to evaluate and 'give it a go'. (well someone's got to take the blame)

I'm probably totally wrong, but are all those
downloaded programn files ok to leave on.

has the 'resolved' button gone faulty!!! just wondered ;-)

  mec13 14:23 05 Nov 2005

oops forgot to mention my OS, xphome/sp2 and fully protected, I hope!

  uisquebeathus 15:07 05 Nov 2005

unfortunately the learning process is often light the blue paper and stand back, it dosent say how far back or why you should, we all get our fingers burnt at some time
a lot of the software has been tried and tested by the people who suggest you look at that particular web site or download that particular software.But and I mean But there are allways the funny guys who will want to create mischef.
if its possible make sure the spelling of the softwares name and its websiteis accurate and check the downloaded file using an antivirus/ worm /trojan tool before you open it.

  PaulB2005 15:10 05 Nov 2005

If your Av says you are clear then that should be all you need to know.

If you want reassurance then try an online scan from Symnatec click here

  Diemmess 15:14 05 Nov 2005

Which 30 programs do you mean?

Whether to trust or not depends entirely where you find them.

On this site most members are very responsible, and if a baddie is recommended, it is not long before someone or FE will post a warning

Your 'anti everything' cover will flag most bad-uns on trying to download, but a few are clever enough to hide their sins until you actually run them. Here again it should be checked by your safety net but ultimately depends on your judgement. Only open the one you might want. Never do so out of sheer Gung Ho curiosity.

  PaulB2005 15:24 05 Nov 2005

I think these are in the Download Programs folder which harbours the ActiveX files needed or Windows Update, Adobe, Shockwave..

They can also be seen in XP SP2 under the Tools menu using Manage Addons.

  stalion 16:15 05 Nov 2005

software recommended on this forum has been tried and tested and as Diemmess has said if a member posted an irresponsible link it would be picked up very quickly by other members and the F.E. I have not seen a deliberate misleading click here in the time I have been a member,the last 18 months

  Jackcoms 16:38 05 Nov 2005

"then I blame this forum for all those tempting 'clck here' links which need looking at to evaluate and 'give it a go'. (well someone's got to take the blame)"

A rather unnecessarily harsh comment about this Forum's members, I think.

If you're not sure about downloading/installing a program or not, the solution's simple - don't!!

  mec13 17:22 05 Nov 2005

Well I've certanly upset some people on this forum, which definatly wasn't my intention at all. A simple harmless humourous remake I thought, was all I made. You seem to have taken it in a serious way, well that I carn't change only apologise to those I've upset.

If I thought I was being given duff information, all the time, then I would not be here. I seek more knowledge in how this complicated, cursed machine of mine ticks over, I try to keep smiling, when it upsets me.

Obviously my way of asking questions does not go with the flow, so be it. I will tick resolve, and to all those who have helped me in the past, many thanks, I will not bother to use this forum again, as obviously I do not feel welcomed.

  stalion 17:30 05 Nov 2005

you are welcome on this forum anytime and I am not in the least upset by your question.I have given you a factual reply which I hope was informative.
Not everything runs smoothly all the time,try not to take things so much to heart.

  sattman 17:34 05 Nov 2005

Hey mec13

Just a mo, you made a comment and you also tried a lighthearted comment, ok someone picked up on your comment. Forget it join, say your piece, but be aware sometimes the dog might bite.

Take it from me, I am sure you are welcome by all.

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