How to run a Memory Test and a Hard Drive Test?

  Paul2008 18:53 03 Sep 2008

I have downloaded Memtest86 = 4 files and loaded on a DVD/RW. Reset my BIOS to run CD drive on boot but the programme won't run, system boots in XP.
Next I tried teh Windows Memory Diagnostics, again, burnt to DVD but also didn't run.
I don't have a floppy or a CD/R.
How can I get the programmes to run?
Frankly looking at the Memtest web site I didn't understand it at all.
Anysuggestions for a programme to check my hard drive.
I am trying to find if I have and basic hardware faults before I do a reinstall XP Home with latest drivers. Present software is 3 years old so will need BIOS etc.

  MAT ALAN 19:07 03 Sep 2008

click here

download,enter size of memory, click start..
it really is that simple...

click here

these will help with HDD...

  I am Spartacus 19:09 03 Sep 2008

You need to download an iso image of MemTest or the MS Diagnostics and use something like ImgBurn to copy it to CD click here

I find the MS Diagnostics better, often MemTest will crash if it finds serious erros so you don't know what it's found.

You also need to set your PC to boot from CD first.

  MAT ALAN 19:16 03 Sep 2008

from the link i provided you do not have to burn it anywhere , just download the prog enter size of memory close all other progs click start....

  I am Spartacus 19:20 03 Sep 2008

Just curious, how does it deal with RAM already in use?

  MAT ALAN 19:23 03 Sep 2008

turning off all non essential services will cater for most of memory, but you need memory to run it, so i don't know...

will have to do a bit of delving..

  MAT ALAN 19:26 03 Sep 2008

click here

"how much ram to test"

it suggests you need the delux version to do this...

  Paul2008 09:47 07 Sep 2008

Thanks for youre help folks!

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