How to run a broadband speed-test correctly?

  spuds 14:32 01 Feb 2011

When running a broadband speed-test, what are the correct procedures?.

Would having a firewall, anti-virus programme abled or disabled make any difference to a speed-test reading?.

Would disabling a firewall or anti-virus programme, while conducting these test cause problems of safety and protection?.

Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated and welcomed.

  961 14:46 01 Feb 2011

I've often found that a speed test can result in a ridiculous speed, far beyond anything this BT line can achieve

Trawling the internet suggests that this can be caused by my firewall/anti virus system and suggests that it should be switched off/disabled while I do the speed test

My security system (Kaspersky) allows me to turn it off for one minute (which is all it takes to run the test)

Since I have done that, the speed tests produce figures which seem to be accurate

Check the security is switched on after you have done the test

  spuds 14:59 01 Feb 2011

Your comments seems to be about the same a broadband technician as suggested.

Thanks for the verification.

I'll leave this open a little longer for other opinions.

  Clapton is God 16:21 01 Feb 2011

Turning off your AV and firewall when running a speed test is pointless.

If they're turned off when running a speed test you'll not only leave yourself open to 'nasties' but any test result will be inaccurate as you wouldn't normally use the internet with AV and firewall turned off.

Thus, the test isn't being run under your normal usage patterns

  961 16:43 01 Feb 2011

Yes, old fruit, I can agree with all of that

However, it remains the case that when I do a speed test with my Internet Security running I sometimes get figures which bear no relation to reality

5 times higher than I can ever expect to get

But if I stop the Kaspersky for 1 minute and do the test it comes up with the speed I expect

I understand that for that one minute I may be open to trouble. But I can also see on the speed tester that, at the start of the test, if Kaspersky is running, the test is being throttled by, well, something. Then, later in the test, Kaspersky running, the thing zooms up to Captain Kirk, warp speed 3. And the end result is totally off the scale.

If I disable Kaspersky, that doesn't happen and I get a result which bears a relation to reality

  Clapton is God 16:51 01 Feb 2011

"get a result which bears a relation to reality"

Who's reality?

Define reality.

And, by the way, I'm not your or anyone else's 'old fruit'.

  961 17:14 01 Feb 2011

Sorry, old thing

Most of us know what we can expect to get in the way of speed from our broadband connection

Can I define that as reality please

If I use three or four speed testers at different times I'll get a reasonable idea of the speed my connection will achieve

I can also find that, sometimes, I'll get a totally unreasonable speed from one of these testers. 5, 6, even ten times the speed I know the line will get

I've found it suggested, on the net, that if I turn off the Kaspersky security I'll get a more accurate result. And I can report that if I do that I can get much nearer the result I get if I go to the BT tester that does generally give the accurate result

Many apologies if I've upset you by calling you "old fruit", friend

  User-312386 17:24 01 Feb 2011

If you log into your router, it will give you your actual speed and not some speed test that is sometimes miles away from you with a poor ping.

  cocteau48 18:09 01 Feb 2011

"If you log into your router, it will give you your actual speed"..... indeed yes the actual speed (otherwise known as your bandwidth or sync speed)which is leaving your exchange and heading in your direction. This is not the speed which you are getting,unless you live next door to your exchange,as an allowance must be made for distance from the exchange,line degradation etc.
Your download speed is seen as acceptable (by your ISP) if it is 75%+ of tour sync speed.

  woodchip 19:24 01 Feb 2011

You should not be doing anything on the PC not even moving the mouse, make sure that all web pages have stopped when full loaded, before running a test. Test's will vary on different sites and at different times of day. I use this all the time
click here
Just done it on my HP510 Wireless Laptop connected to TalkTalk on a 8Meg speed

Download .....7989 kbps

  rdave13 20:01 01 Feb 2011

Try thinkbroadband's speed tester to see if any difference; click here

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