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How to reverse windows side by side

  ponytail 16:26 12 Aug 2019

I wanted to move something from downloads to a folder on a memory stick but was unable to copy and paste which is what I have always done so decided on drag and drop but as have not used that for years have forgotten the way to do it.But found something on Google which I tried and it did not work.The download folder now looks completely different.Show windows side by side is not on.Apologies as it it difficult to explain this problem but will try and answer any questions you may have

  ponytail 16:29 12 Aug 2019

This is what I found on Google and what I did.

click here

  ponytail 16:32 12 Aug 2019

It came under People also Ask the first question

  difarn 16:54 12 Aug 2019

To drag and drop files onto a memory stick... Plug in the memory stick locate what you want to transfer to the memory stick and right click on it Is there an option 'send to' and if so is the memory stick in the list of options?


plug in usb stick

click on Computer/this PC depending upon your operating system - you should see your hard drives and usb device listed

In the left hand column you will see your documents etc.
Find the item you want to put onto your memory stick Place mouse cursor on the file you want to transfer - left click on mouse and keep it depressed and then drag it to the right to where your usb memory stick should be listed.

  ponytail 10:11 13 Aug 2019

I think I have sorted this problem out apart from the downloads folder.It has a different appearance than what it had before how can I get it back to it's original format.

  wee eddie 11:34 13 Aug 2019

You haven't told us how it differs.

However, at a guess > Open the Folder you wish to change > Select "View" from the Tool Bar > Try the Options, 1 by 1, until you find what suits you

  ponytail 07:17 17 Aug 2019

All the folders listed under downloads have altered

  wee eddie 08:41 17 Aug 2019

Telling us that something has altered or is different is not really very useful.

We need to know, before we can help: How it was? In what way it is different or how it has altered?

  Forum Editor 14:35 17 Aug 2019

Click on File Explorer - the yellow folder in the taskbar at the bottom left of your screen.

In the main panel, open the Downloads folder.

Find the file you want to transfer, left click and hold, and drag the file onto the drive letter that corresponds to your memory stick in the left-hand column.

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