How to retrieve Google Earth locations

  stlucia 08:11 15 Nov 2008

I've got a copy of all the files from the C:\ drive on my old PC, and would like to copy over my saved locations from Google Earth to my new PC.

But I can't for the life of me identify a file in C:\program files\Google... that looks anything like a list of user-defined locations. Can anyone tell me which file I need to copy over to get my favourite locations back, please?

  bremner 08:13 15 Nov 2008

Quick search on Google
click here

  bjh 08:18 15 Nov 2008

Try File > Save > My Places...

It's there in version 4.3, which is the latest version

  stlucia 12:01 15 Nov 2008

bjh, my old PC is dead and has gone for recycling, so I can't save my places from my old Google Earth installation. But what I've got is the HDD from the old PC, in a USB enclosure, so I can copy back whichever the relevant files are.

bjh, even after reading the articles you've linked, it's still not clear to me what KML files (if any) I should be copying over from my old system to my new one. In my Program Files > Google > Google Earth > Res folder there's upteen folders containing KML files. One of the folders is, and it contains a single file called startinglocation. I suspect I'm not on the right track there, because most of those .country names seem to reference specific countries.

In my new Google Earth installation I've created one place marker in My Places, but I can't identify any file that's been added or changed.

  bjh 12:45 15 Nov 2008

OK, the folder on your old hard drive you need is

C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data\Google\GoogleEarth

and you need to copy myplaces.kml.

At least... I think that's right. Obviously it won't be C:\.... as it's in your USB enclosure, it'll be D or E...

Try copying that to the new hard disk.

  bjh 12:46 15 Nov 2008

Actually, copy that file to the desktop, then import into Google Earth...

File ....Open... find file on desktop....

  stlucia 16:24 15 Nov 2008

Thanks bjh. I've found the myplaces.kml file on my current PC, where you said it should be. I'll look out the old one on my backup disk later this evening, and copy it over.

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