How to restore user accounts and give admin rights?

  jelsonljl 13:48 21 Oct 2014

RUNS ON WINDOWS XP. So i had an admin account called X and a guest account called Y for my younger brother. So yesterday he asked me to change his account to 1 with admin rights as he could not download his games. So i went in cntrl panel and changed it to administrative rights but at the same time, my account X disappeared along with my stuff and games and his sole account Y remained there with his stuff. So how can i restore it back before changing the rights and how can i change his account to administrator without losing my stuff? Please help quickly as i do my school work on that pc. Thanks in advance.

  Jollyjohn 14:16 21 Oct 2014

Look in C: drive under "Documents and settings" There will be a folder called All Users, folder username X and folder username Y

To access the files in the folders you must be the appropriate username..

If those folders are not there then you have deleted them - unlikely as it is a 3 step process and can only be done by an administrator.

If you go Start - log Out - what appears on the screen, how many users?

  jelsonljl 00:02 22 Oct 2014

Oh thank god i had a back up ready so its all back to normal now, so how can i change Y into an acc with admin rights while retaining X? Thanks for your help.

  Jollyjohn 11:06 22 Oct 2014

Start - control panel - users - What is currently listed here?

  jelsonljl 06:47 23 Oct 2014

Acc X which has administrator under it and Y which has limited account under it and guest which is not set.

  Jollyjohn 13:52 23 Oct 2014

Assumiong you are logged in as Account X Administrator you should be able to click on account Y and select Change Account Type. Select Administrator instead of limited then close control panel.

This will not affect account X.

Go to start and log out of X and log in as Y and you should be able to install stuff.

You can use Fast User Switching - but it is better to Log out rather than leaving your account open in the background.

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