How to Restore Sticky notes Windows 7

  highside 08:29 12 Nov 2011

Help please, I had until today two sticky notes full of info which appear on desktop at Start UP. Today they were not there. I can create new notes OK just my open ones are missing. Will I have to stab in the dark with a system restore date or is there some other possible solution? Win 7 64 bit Thanks.

  rdave13 08:59 12 Nov 2011

Have a look in - drive:\Users\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Sticky Notes\StickyNotes.snt see if listed there. If so try refreshing the desktop or loging off and on again.

  highside 10:13 12 Nov 2011

Thanks for reply SickyNotes.snt present but is a "windows cant open this file" Tried restart and system restore to no avail, notes seem to be lost forever.

  highside 10:14 12 Nov 2011

PS, Only change recently was to instal Firefox although I am not using it as default.

  rdave13 10:50 12 Nov 2011

Not sure if this will work now that you've used system restore but find StickyNotes.snt under your name again then right click the file and select 'restore to previous version'.

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