How to restore to factory settings

  hiwatt 10:12 11 Apr 2008

Hi folks.I'm trying to restore a computer I was given to factory settings to get rid of all the junk on it.It's a imedia5067.It says I should be able to do it by tapping f11 but nothing's happening?Any ideas how I can do this?Thanks.

  Gordon999 10:17 11 Apr 2008

Can you explain a little more please.

What do you mean by factory Settings and "all the junk"

  hiwatt 10:26 11 Apr 2008

Basically there's an option to restore the computer to the state it was in when new.There's quite a lot of programs etc belonging to the previous owner.I cant do a complete format because I don't have the discs so I thought the next best thing would be to do restore to factory settings.Thanks.

  Gordon999 10:34 11 Apr 2008

Ah gotcha.

The Restore To Factory settings won't erease the data stored on it just all the customed settings set up by the old owner. You will need to delete any data or prgrams manually. Good old delete in Windows Explorer to remove old files and Add/Remove programmes in Control Panel.

You can go into setup and change any settings in there to default or you can simply take the CMOS battery off the motherboard (make sure you power down the PC first though) leave for about10 mins replace and switch on.

  hiwatt 10:43 11 Apr 2008

Oh.I was under the impression restoring it to factory settings would erase all the data and programs on it?No?

  Gordon999 11:22 11 Apr 2008

No it just resets any settings such as device settings, PC boot device etc.

The only way to delete everything is too reformat the drive but as you don't have a OS disk its a manual delete.

There is data deleting software onthe net so you may be able to find a free download to help with the process.

  Clapton is God 12:21 11 Apr 2008

I beg to differ.

Restore to factory settings usually does what it says on the tin.

It will wipe the computer’s hard disk clean and reinstall the operating system as though the PC had just come from the factory. In most cases, this will also include formatting the hard disk.

  hiwatt 12:32 11 Apr 2008

that is what I thought too but I wasn't exactly sure.Either way do you know how I can do this?When I tap f11 at start up nothing happens yet when I googled the model number this is what it saya to do.Is there another way I can do it?Thanks.

  Sea Urchin 12:32 11 Apr 2008

As Clapton is God says factory settings means just as it arrived from the shop - system files but nothing else. And hiwatt, presumably you are tapping F11 while doing a restart - there is quite a short time frame to get into the routine for resetting.

  Clapton is God 12:36 11 Apr 2008

It depends on the make and model. They usually have different ways.

Dell, for instance, requires you to tap Ctrl + F3 immediately upon seeing the Dell splash screen at start up.

If you don't have the original manual, have a look at the manufacturer's website

  Gordon999 12:40 11 Apr 2008

Well you lear something everyday. Sorry for the duff info Hiwatt

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