How to replace a recovery partition in W7?

  john bunyan 17:54 25 Apr 2014

My grand daughter has a Toshiba Satellite laptop that had been partitioned by someone such that the OS etc is in the C: drive, an unnamed 30 gig recovery partition was to its right and her data (F:) partition was on the far right. Mysteriously the recovery partition filled up (I suspect, somehow, that backups were going there). Once, sha tried to use the recovery with disastrous results. In any case the OS (OEM Windows home Premium) needs endless updates if re - installed. she needed more space in the C partition, so , rightly or wrongly, I formatted the recovery one and expanded the C drive to where it had been. I have made one ATI image on another usb drive and will get her to make another soon on her own portable usb drive when she returns to Uni. I hope this is sufficient but am I right in thinking that in a Doomsday situation, we could borrow a W7 disc and use the OM activation code? Any more views? Not sure what would happen if she accidentally pressed F11 or whatever is the recovery key.

  onthelimit1 18:08 25 Apr 2014

As long as the COA sticker is readable, you can use anyone's W7 (I assume it is)Home Premium disk to do a reinstall of the OS.

  BRYNIT 18:19 25 Apr 2014

Unless your laptop came with a sticker with the windows activation code on I don't think a borrowed W7 disk would work as the activation number are now embedded in the bios chip.

New laptops would asked you to create a set of recovery disks when you first set it up. If you created these disks you can use them to do a clean install as they would have a copy of the OS/drives just incase the HD fails.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:07 25 Apr 2014

This works on a new drive, not sure if it will work on a drive that already has data on, but can't see why not.

  1. Make a partition of approx 5G and assign it drive letter x

  2. Copy the entire contents of a win 7 DVD (iso files here you can either make a DVD or extract the files from).

  3. Open the command prompt and run this:


    cd /boot

    bootsect /nt60 X:

    (x being your partition)

    A message "boot code was successfully updated on all targeted volumes" should appear.

  4. Check the partition is marked active in disk management. (if not then right click on the partition and mark it as active.)

  5. Reboot the PC it will launch the installer from the partition and add the entry "Windows setup" into the entries in bcd (no need to use third party software such as EasyBCD to edit the boot entries).

  john bunyan 22:35 25 Apr 2014

*Fruit Bat /\0/*

Thanks for that. I will have a look, and will position the new partition to the far right of the F drive as it seems mad for it to be between the C mad data partitions.

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