How to replace heatsink on slot 1 P3 processor

  Mr Tibbs 21:50 10 May 2006

Hi Folks, I have just bought a 733MHz slot 1 P3 processor on ebay but it doesn't have a heatsink and fan. Does anyone know how to take the heatsink and fan off my existing slot 1 processor so I can put it on the new one. I don't want to force it in case I break something and it doesn't appear obvious to me how to do it. Thanks for any help.

  Gongoozler 09:42 11 May 2006

I've never tried it, but I found this here click here

1. Remove the OEM heatsink on the processor. You may have to cut off the plastic pins which are holding the OEM heatsink.

2. Use a hairdryer to blow warm air to the heatsink so to soften the compound under the heatsink. You then can easily twist to separate the sink off the processor.

3. Clean up the compound left on the processor, using any common solvent. (Rubbing alcohol, isopropyl alcohol, should be just fine).

  Gongoozler 09:44 11 May 2006

Sorry, I just read the second part of your posting. I think it's very lokely that you'll have to buy a new heatsink e.g. click here

  Stuartli 12:05 11 May 2006

IIRC you should be able to take it off by unscrewing the screws holding it on to the CPU - haven't got one to hand now.

  Mr Tibbs 13:38 11 May 2006

Thanks. I'm not sure I want to buy a new heatsink and fan but it is a possibility. The two casings are held together by plastic pins and I can't find a way to release them so that I can seperate them.

  Gongoozler 15:15 11 May 2006

Does this help? click here

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