How to repair Win XP Pro?

  m800afc 09:22 09 Dec 2008

I have had problems with Windows Explorer, and being unable to resolve them have decided to repair XP Pro, not reinstal.
Putting the XP disk into the drive and rebooting just starts XP normally. Using the boot selector (f11) to select the boot from CD does not work either, XP again boots normally. I am unable to get into the BIOS at all and can't change the boot order from there. For some reason unknown to me all my carefully made system restore points have disappeared. Last known good configuration does not help either.
How can I repair XP Pro?

  Pamy 09:33 09 Dec 2008

after booting up, click on Run, then type chkdsk /f it will say it cannot and ask if you would like to run it next time you stat up ,click y and "return" key . Sht down and re-boot this may or may not help

  Pineman100 10:07 09 Dec 2008

If Pamy's solution doesn't help, try running the System File Checker.

Click Start>Run and type in "sfc /scannow" (no quotes, and note the space after sfc). This will check your installation and may ask for your XP disk if it needs to repair a file.

  wis 10:14 09 Dec 2008

i would run full scan safe mode with

malwarebytes and superantispyware sounds a bit like ab trogan thing

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:44 09 Dec 2008

If your having trouble resetting the BIOS then remove CMOS battery for 10 minutes.

Refit and enter BIOS it will now be set to defaults.
set CD as first boot device.

Boot to safemode and run antivirus and antimalware before attempting a repair of windows.

  m800afc 00:28 10 Dec 2008

I have scanned with malwarebytes and superantispyware and the former reported all clear and the latter discovered four tracking cookies and four "undefined" and "unidentified" problems, all of which have been removed.
I then removed the cmos battery and after 15 minutes replaced it, after rebooting I was able to get into the BIOS and boot from CD.
I am now at the stage I was at when I asked a previous question:
click here
This time round I have three additional XP Pro disks, and they all stop at exactly the same place, even when tried on my second DVD drive. This leads me to think that it is a software difficulty rather than my CD drives.
I would appreciate any help with this matter, as I am very frustrated with problem after problem, preventing me from resolving the original Windows Explorer fault.

  Strawballs 04:42 10 Dec 2008
  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:39 10 Dec 2008

Hard drive problem, Windows setup is struggling to see the boot sector of the drive.

Usually happens if your drive had Disk Drive Overlay software or even worse, Norton Go Back.

Can you get into windows?
If so extract all the data you need and bck up to an external media.
Run Killdisk on the drive and then reinstall windows

  m800afc 17:54 11 Dec 2008

I think the MBR is corrupt. If I put the drive in a usb box, and use my laptop, is there a way to repair the MBR?

  Strawballs 22:15 11 Dec 2008

You could try doing that and run the chkdsk on it through your lappy

  m800afc 16:19 13 Dec 2008

I have swapped drives. The problem partition will not run chkdsk at all. The other partition on the drive is normal.
I have replaced a different formatted drive into the computer, but on trying to install XP Pro, the product key is not accepted, saying it is not a valid key. This is the version that was on the computer when the drive failed.
What is to be done?

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