how to renumber photos in Vista

  susiepops 22:12 22 Aug 2007

I was surprised not to find a post on this subject.

Under XP if you selected all files in a folder renumbering was simple. With Vista it seems to be an impossible task with files/photos being renumbered haphazardly and the more so the more attempts you make. SOmehow I even lost 90 odd photos completely (fortunately backed up on a second drive).

I find it hard to believe that something so sim,ple and necessary cannot be achieved. Does anyone know the solution? Please

  pimpers 00:33 23 Aug 2007


You can try this one, I found this with a quick google.

click here

The info came from this forum.
click here

Is this what you mean?


  Acx 03:42 23 Aug 2007

I'm Still using xp

As pimpers say’s. IrfanView has a batch rename.

If no one comes up with a better Vista solution try it and see.

  susiepops 06:58 23 Aug 2007

I already use irfanview because, even with XP,sequential renumbering under Windows (where 11 comes after 1)was useless for slide shows etc.

I am even more disgruntled with Vista, which I have had for only a week and which cannot even achieve this.

There should not be a need to use a program outside of windows for something so basic.

  DieSse 09:07 23 Aug 2007

I use this, which I find totally invaluable. Not just renumbering, but renaming, case changing and much more.

click here

  ribo 10:01 23 Aug 2007

I am with DieSse here. Great program. J

  susiepops 12:02 23 Aug 2007

I have upgraded Irfanview to version 4.0 and have tried using the program. However, it does not appear to do what I require. Perhaps you can help.

I have photos in 2 different folders, each numbered in order with different prefixes, I now wish to merge the photos into one folder but sorting photos from one into the other by similar subject. ( I hope this makes sense). Whilst windows allows this it will not let me renumber sequentially in the same order as I have placed them. If I transfer the photos into Irfanview it appears that it will not stick to the order I have placed them but re-sorts them into original number order. Previously under XP this was not a problem since WIndows would rename in the same order as in the window.

Is their a way around this?

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