How to remove web site from my isp

  [DELETED] 14:09 18 Oct 2003

How do i remove a website i did on my freespace.I thought just taking the softwere off would do it.Now been told i need a ftlp_pro whitch i now have but read the helpline and cant understand it.

  Legolas 14:12 18 Oct 2003

How did you upload the site in the firs place

  [DELETED] 14:22 18 Oct 2003

You need to know the name of your host.

Open ftp_pro and you get a box 'Session Properties'

Profile Name: (I use my first name)

Host name: the server that your site is sitting on (eg

Host type: (probably UNIX standard)

User id: your user name

Password: your password

then click on 'Connect'

In the right side panel are all the files you've uploaded to your site

  nickhick 14:34 18 Oct 2003

You can get WS_FTPLE from click here and by by looking hard you can download the free version and then enter the relevant details and log in and then delete all the files that relate to your website providing, of course that you've got the necessary host's FTP address.

  [DELETED] 15:45 18 Oct 2003

but i cant find session prop.i did ring help line they said delete file index i did but site is still there.iam not too good on comps

  [DELETED] 15:55 18 Oct 2003

click here for an online guide (But use your own logonin details).

If you can't find session properties go to FILE> CONNECT and the menu should pop up.

  [DELETED] 16:01 18 Oct 2003

The website may appear to be there if it is stored in your cache directory. If you navigate (Internet Exlporer or Other Browser) to your website and then press the following keys together CTRL + F5 this will refresh the website from the server, if you have correctly deleted the index file you should see a 404 Page Cannot Be Displayed Error.

  [DELETED] 16:05 18 Oct 2003

not upload i may now have removed index from my new site.i got fid of softwere deleted it that i used to do site.i did not know you at to take it of first that way.

  [DELETED] 16:42 18 Oct 2003

but it is still on isp.dont know what iam doing wrong now i cant see web pricent at all on the file section cheers.might have to cancel then re join to get rid of it.

  [DELETED] 21:54 18 Oct 2003

I hope, dont know how i did it but gone. I think click here if any one else can try please i dont get it on my comp.cheers

  [DELETED] 21:56 18 Oct 2003

wrong one above

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