how to remove very old BT personal website

  drbes 14:16 27 Feb 2010

In the year dot [when I first started using the Internet] I was signed up with BT and they offered free website space for their users. I set up a personal page and for years have been trying to get BT to remove it - with no success. I have long forgotten the passwords, etc. to access it but as BT did away with this free webspace many years ago it probably wouldn't work to allow me to delete the site. All contacts with BT re trying to remove the site have ended up in numerous long garbled emails that mean nothing. Anyone got any ideas on how I can remove this personal website forever?

  MAJ 15:12 27 Feb 2010

Can you still call up the website by typing the URL into the address bar of your browser, drbes? If so, then that means that the site is still on the BT servers somewhere, if you can't then it has been deleted already. If you can still view the site in your browser, then to access it you'll need an FTP client, but you will need the username and password to edit (including delete) the site. If you don't have those and BT are unwilling to do it for you, then there's not a lot you can do.

  drbes 16:03 27 Feb 2010

I can still bring the site up in my browser and so can anyone else but I cannot remember the password to edit or delete it. BT just will not discuss the problem and keep on sending me emails re technical things that are nothing to do with the problem. Think I may have to resort to the older method of writing them an angry letter!

  palinka 16:26 27 Feb 2010

the old fashioned angry letter is your best bet I think, judging by my recent battles with BT - one of which is still unresolved because I find , as you have , that BT have no understanding of (probably no knowledge of)any siuations that are beyond their currently advertised products. And they can't always understand problems relating to those recent products!

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