How to remove the taskbar temporarily.

  exdragon 20:28 16 Feb 2017

Hi - is it possible to remove the taskbar for a certain length of time? We're using the pc in conjunction with a projector and the taskbar is visible at the bottom of the projection screen, underneath the image. I don't mean autohide.

  Procrastinus 21:17 16 Feb 2017

Assuming Windows 10, Settings > Personalization > Taskbar > Automatically hide Taskbar in desktop mode > Select ON

  Govan1x 22:50 16 Feb 2017

You could try pressing F11 that should get rid of it temporary then just press F11 for it to come back.

  exdragon 07:42 17 Feb 2017

Thanks. I didn't mean autohide (see last sentence in my post) but f11 works, so many thanks, Govan1x

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