how to remove a scratch?

  Why wont it work 18:46 29 Jan 2007

I unfortunately dropped a fountain pen onto my brand new laptop (asus a6). It's left a really nasty long scratch, which is visible in all light from any angle... It doesn't look too deep though. I was wondering if anyone had any tips on how to get rid of it, or any 'scratch remover' or alike. I know it only seems like a small thing, but it's really irritating as I know its there, and I can always see it.

Thanks in advance.

  SB23 19:45 29 Jan 2007

Honest, I was told it just evens off any major marks, and I used it on one of my wifes cd's, and the cd played. Have used it ever since.
Forget it on deep scratches though.

  Technotiger 19:55 29 Jan 2007

Not dis-believing you, just never done it myself.

  Why wont it work 20:04 29 Jan 2007

hey, thanks for all the input, it's much appreciated! I think I will try the tooth paste, having tried to colour in the scratch with a pencil (laptop is same colour) and failing miserably. Having googled, (which I originally did, but didn't throw much up) i found 'ipod scratch remover' things, might that work too?

  Why wont it work 20:26 29 Jan 2007

well, toothpaste seems to have worked quite well! It's made the scratch significantly less visible (although its discoloured the surrounding plastic a little) and left my laptop smelling minty fresh. Thanks Creature of the Nite and all.

  De Marcus™ 20:29 29 Jan 2007

You may find any remedy is a short lived one unless you can cover it with a nice sticker or something.

  woodchip 22:32 29 Jan 2007

As above, if you try repairing Plastic. You could make things woes than they already are, you will have to live with it

  sean-278262 22:40 29 Jan 2007

Why wont it work - I find if you wash it off with some water after it removes any remainder. Glad it worked.

  Forum Editor 00:28 30 Jan 2007

scratch remover - I've often used it for that purpose. It is essential to wash it off afterwards though, or you will sometimes get some discolourisation.

  Why wont it work 14:41 30 Jan 2007

well, i think the discolouration has come from sort of coating being removed. The 'discoloured' bits are still the same colour, its just really shiny and smooth now, it looks like vaseline or similar has been smeared over it.

  baldtaco 14:55 30 Jan 2007

Frugal use of a bit of 000 woolly wire will probably knock the gloss off.

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