How Remove ParetoLogic DriverCure?

  Legslip 11:03 21 Feb 2010

Can anyone advise how to completely remove traces of this from a PC. There is nothing in Add/Remove Progs and I deleted a ParetoLogic folder in Proramme Files. I still get a reminder window about the product on startup though. Presume something buried in the registry?

  Legslip 11:14 21 Feb 2010

Thanks for the thought Maj and it is a good one that I havn't checked yet but if I find and uncheck it, doesn't that mean that there are files left still lurking in the registry?

  Legslip 11:23 21 Feb 2010

Thanks again Maj. What I am currently doing is running AVG Antivirus, then I will run Malewarebytes and after that, CCleaner, all with my broadband disconnected from the PC. Then I'll run 'em all again with the Bband connected as that seems to be when the problem starts again.

  Legslip 13:23 21 Feb 2010

Cheers Maj. Not a Reg Xpert. Know where to go but but am I looking at and what do I do when I get there? i.e.HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunOnce Under Name I Have: Default Type: REG_SZ and Data: Value Not Set.

  Legslip 13:49 21 Feb 2010

Thanks Maj. Before I got your last post I found this in one of my old queries. I replaced the printer name with Paretologic and think it may have done the trick as it found files/folders in the Reg and I have deleted. May have done the trick? Have run PC without Bband and all scans (AVG, Mwarebytes, CCleaner) show OK. Hae reconnected Bband and AVG shows clear and am currently running Mwarebytes.

  Legslip 13:50 21 Feb 2010

Oooops forgot this!!!!

If you go to Start Search fill the box with printer name press enter Delete what it finds, Then to Do full Clean Go to Start Run Type in the Run Box Regedit Do not worry just follow what I say no more no less. in Regedit Click on the My Computer Icon top Left Column, ten go to Edit in the Menu, You will See the Find box type the Printer name in the box press enter delete what it finds if its the printer make name, then press F3 to go to next repeat the above by deleting F3 until you get to the this:-

  Legslip 20:37 21 Feb 2010

Maj.Thanks for your assistance. All appears to be OK now. Will run the scanners every day for a while just to keep an eye.

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