How to remove or delete a hotmail account

  Smudge120 14:17 12 Jan 2017

I am getting at least 50 spam emails each day in mt account. I have tried blocking them but on most of them I get amessage to say the email address is not recognised. I want to completley remove this email account and stop using it. Is there a easy and quick way to do this. I have told all my contacts to change my contact email. Any help much appreciated

  difarn 14:34 12 Jan 2017

This is how to do it. Read through the preamble first. Did you first try re-setting your password?

click here

  wee eddie 16:14 12 Jan 2017

Just don't ever log in to it again. After a period, Hotmail will close it. I don't know, offhand, what that period is, but if you don't log into it again, it's irrelevant anyway

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