How to remove one dual operating system

  Cav1 08:35 11 Sep 2009

I seem to have installed a second windows xp while using my support disc. I have tried to remove it by right clicking on my D drive and formating it but that didn't work,I really don't want to clear everything off my computer and have to start again. is there another way, apart from all that my computer is fine but I think the second operating system is using more space! me thinks.

  PO79 09:40 11 Sep 2009

Follow the instructions at click here to edit the Boot.ini file to remove the reference to the version of windows that you want to remove.

You should then be able to format the drive and remove all traces of the erroneous installation

  rawprawn 09:41 11 Sep 2009

Go to Control panel/ Admin Tools/ Computer management/Disk Management/Right Click on the drive and choose Format.
You will also need to stop it appearing on the boot menu, use msconfig/ boot tab to remove it

  Cav1 23:53 11 Sep 2009

Thanks for your help po79 and rawprawn, I will have a go fingers crossed, I think this a great site. will let you know how I get on

  Cav1 17:13 14 Sep 2009

Have had a go at removing the second operating system following the instructions, I think its gone. when I restated the computer I still had two options one windows Default, and windows xp home edition, so am hoping when I start it up again it will go straight to windows xp thanks for your help I am 76 year old grandmother, struth!! so not doing too bad

  rawprawn 19:22 14 Sep 2009

Go to Start/Run/ type msconfig and hit Enter. Then go to the Boot Tab, you should see Windows Default, and Windows XP home listed. Highlight the one you want to get rid of and click Delete. That will leave the other as default which is how your machine will boot.

"Struth", are you OZ, and pretty good?

  Cav1 22:14 14 Sep 2009

have got the system configuration up, and highlighted the one I wanted to go, but it wont delete I get the feeling that I am not too far of solving this problem with the help you are given me its great so don't go away No Im not an ozzie, too much TV. Im a geordie some would say not a lot of differance

  Mike‘ 22:18 14 Sep 2009

"Im a geordie some would say not a lot of differance"

Yes some would say there are a lot of crooks in Australia too!

  Cav1 22:42 14 Sep 2009

love it! now solve my problem.Pleeeeese

  rawprawn 07:17 15 Sep 2009

"Yes some would say there are a lot of crooks in Australia too!"

I hope you mean as in Shepheards!

  rawprawn 07:25 15 Sep 2009

In Boot Tab First make sure none of the little boxes are ticked
Make sure the OS you want is highlighted, then set it as Default (see the set as default button)then highlight the other one and hit the delete button and finally click Apply.

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