How to remove multiple O/S?

  Lee-262377 12:53 25 Oct 2005

HI, I recently had lots of trouble with xfer of files/settings from old HDD to new (which was problematic in itself due to my XP not recognising a 160gig drive).
Anyway, now I have two options on boot up of win XP or Win XP, can anybody tell me how I remove the second installation, and more to the point how I can differentiate between the one I want and the one I dont?

  phil46 13:14 25 Oct 2005

You sound as if you have replaced WXP over WXP and created two partitions i tried to resolve this problem with FDISK and it did show two partitions i deleted one of the partitions but i could never recover that partition on the drive
so ended up doing a clean install.

  splork 13:34 25 Oct 2005

Get a command prompt up in Windows, the path that appears before the > is the installation you are currently using, make a note of it. Then find your Boot.ini file at the root of the C:\ drive (you may need to uncheck Hide Protected OPerating System Files in Control Panel/Folder Options) and paste the text here.

  Lee-262377 16:14 21 Nov 2005

Hi, Phil 46 I have checked and there is definitely only one partition so I am loath to remove it again but thanks for the heads up.
Splork, the command prompt always brings me up the C:\My documents folder and even performing a full search which everything checked and unchecked does not reveal where my boot.ini file is hiding.
I have decided that the extra few seconds it takes me to load up is worth it until I need to reload my system again anyway. Many thanks for your help.

  keith-236785 17:25 21 Nov 2005

for reference, you needed to run

fdisk /mbr (note the space) obviously on the C: drive, so if you are booting from a startup floppy, change to the C: drive by typing

then type

fdisk /mbr

from a dos prompt to rewrite the matser boot record, that should sort out the double entry and rewrite the master boot record (mbr).

hope that makes sense

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