How to remove Microsoft Front Page

  Pine Man 09:14 29 Aug 2005

I am running XP HE SP2.

I originally had Office XP Pro with Frontpage installed and removed it and installed Office Pro 2003.

Everything works ok but the folder for Frontpage and a couple of subfolders with it were never removed and cannot be deleted.

I have tried reinstalling Office with Front Page and removing it again but Front Page remains.

Any ideas how to get rid of it?

  Diodorus Siculus 09:18 29 Aug 2005

Can you boot into safe mode (press F5 at startup) and delete them from there?

Is there any particular reason that you don't want them there?

  Pine Man 09:50 29 Aug 2005

I tried removing the FrontPage folder in safe mode which appeared to work but when I rebooted it was there again!

I have now noticed that there is a folder on my C drive for Microsoft Works which I hadn't noticed before and wonder whether this has anything to do with FrontPage or is it something to do with Office 2003?

There isn't any particular reason for removing the FrontPage folders other then the program isn't installed and if it was I wouldn't use it. Just like things neat and tidy!

Whatever is going on something is trying to use FrontPage.

  User-312386 09:55 29 Aug 2005

Insert the M$ office disc and click on install front page. An option will pop up to install/repair/remove

Select the remove

  Pine Man 11:07 29 Aug 2005

As far as Office XP is concerned there is nothing on my computer to remove so I reinstalled Office XP with FrontPage then used the disc to remove everything but still the folder for FrontPage exists with a subfolder called Version 3, which contains a subfolder called bin, which is empty. Any attempt to delete or alter the folders is refused due to the program being used by another program.

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