How to remove "Mesh" logo from desktop of new PC ?

  synthasy 21:10 25 Feb 2004

Hi all,

Just bought a new MESH pc and cant work out how to remove the "Mesh" logo from my desktop...any ideas.

Kind Regards

  plsndrs3 21:18 25 Feb 2004

Can you not right click anywhere on the desktop, choose desktop & select another image? This is how I did it with my Medion [I've never has a Mesh though!]



  Sir Radfordin 21:31 25 Feb 2004

The Mesh logo is part of the image file - the originals do sometimes apear after a restore. You can either find some new images or if you are a fan of the Windows backgrounds then a quick search of this site (Mesh background??) and you will find someone else asked the same question and a link was posted to the original windows background (un-logoed) on an MSN site.

  JIM 21:35 25 Feb 2004

Look here.

click here

  phil 21:59 25 Feb 2004

Are you sure that you don't mean that when you boot your PC up you see a Mesh logo and then it goes away to be replaced by the XP images and then your normal desktop image.

If so, that's because the Mesh logo will be embedded in your bios and without being a whizzkid you're stuck with it.

I have a HP Pav and even after three years and numerous installs & re-installs of operating systems I still get the blue and grey HP logo when I boot up.

  synthasy 22:04 25 Feb 2004

Thanks Jim,

I dont think i will be formatting my hard drive just to lose the mesh logo, ill live with it.


  MESH Support 09:10 26 Feb 2004

The mesh logo is as Sir Radfordin says, a part of the image used. To lose it you would need to change the image itself.

Although a lot of people do like the supplied images, I've found that most end up personalising the desktop anyway, pictures of their children, a favourite film, that perfect snap of a memorable holiday.

Also there are certain sites out there on the web that host the original unaltered images supplied with Windows XP.


Mesh Support

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