How to remove Gmail account from tablet?

  algernonymous 10:20 09 Feb 2013

Hello all, I was given a brand new Sumvision tablet which I wanted to donate to a charity I work for, however before doing so I thought I'd have a little play on it and one of the things I did was to sign in to my gmail account. I now find it automatically displays my inbox and I can find no way to remove my account. Thanks.

  johndrew 10:26 09 Feb 2013

Removing a Gmail account:

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

Option 4

There are others but one of these should suffice.

  rdave13 11:29 09 Feb 2013

I had a similar problem. Trying out a tablet and used my Gmail account. I didn't want to delete the actual email account and the only way I found to remove it from the tablet was to restore it to factory settings. Trouble was it restored to Chinese but, luckily, I had two of these tablets so I could follow the path to change languages from the other tablet.

  algernonymous 15:12 10 Feb 2013

Yes, I only wish to remove the account from the tablet not delete it.

That seems a bit drastic rdave13!

So is that 'Factory data reset' under 'Personal data' - it says it erases all data and downloaded apps?

  rdave13 15:25 10 Feb 2013

Yes but didn't have a lot installed. Went to settings, backup and reset, and factory data reset. It changed to Chinese, as I said, and would have had trouble finding Language and input, under 'Personal' and change language if I didn't have another one, so beware.

  algernonymous 18:01 10 Feb 2013

Hmm, not sure I want to risk that yet. How about this: 1, On my PC, change Gmail password (and not login again on tablet) - saw this on another forum but thought it might still leave my address on the tablet, so: 2, On my PC, create another (dummy) Gmail account. 3, Add this account to the tablet (and make it the 'master' account?). 4, From this, delete the original account. 5, On my PC, delete the dummy account.

Long-winded I know but if it does the job...

  rdave13 18:34 10 Feb 2013

I couldn't connect the Android tablet to the PC at the time. Too late because Father C** didn't leave me enough time to play around.

What problems do you envisage by restoring to factory reset? It's brand new after all. Apart from the language hiccup?

Still - your idea is worth a go.

Let us know if you're successful. Thanks.

  algernonymous 18:49 10 Feb 2013


Didn't mean connect tablet to PC - no need to?

And yes, it's the language problem you mentioned. (And it came with about 20 apps pre-installed)

  rdave13 19:29 10 Feb 2013

If apps preinstalled then they will still be there as factory reset. Go through setting, take photos with a digital camera of all steps as it will help, to remind you, of where Language and input, under 'Personal' and change language links are. Titles the same in Chinese (different characters) and the links are still the same place but you will need a reference so use a camera first to go through the steps. Make sure images are readable before you attempt a restore.

  algernonymous 19:40 10 Feb 2013

Good idea.

Only problem is that 'English' will be in a different place due to Chinese alphabet? But I guess I could go through the lot...

  rdave13 19:43 10 Feb 2013

Go through the steps first. Fortunately once you get to the 'change language' the list is in English.

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