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How to remove Gamblock software

  Bailey08787 17:47 12 Jul 2008


I downloaded and installed Gamblock from click here to deter me from blowing cash on online gaming sites (which I can tend to do after a few beers).

However this software has totally crippled my pc. Whenever I visit sites that are completely non-related to gambling (ie bbc sport, ebay) it just automatically shuts my pc down.

I've googled and can't find a way to uninstall it.

I've tried system restore but it prevents me from doing that, i've tried taking it out of msconfig, but to no avail. i've tried taking it out of the registry, but again, no joy.

I've contacted the suppliers, but they point blank refuse to give any advice on removal of the software.

It's looking like a complete reinstall is the only solution, but I'm really reluctant to do that.

Any advice greatly appreciated.

  ICF 17:52 12 Jul 2008

Have a look in the FAQ there is an answer there
click here

  Bailey08787 17:57 12 Jul 2008

The FAQ's all basically say it cannot be removed / deactivated

  Bailey08787 18:02 12 Jul 2008

Tried that too - no joy - most of the sites googled say it won't uninstall even after license has expired

  Technotiger 18:38 12 Jul 2008

Try un-installing it with click here when Revo asks if you want to re-start your computer now Decline - do not restart at this point, let Revo continue, when it gets to the part where you have the option to Choose All and then Delete - Do So! Then after clicking on Finish, re-start your computer. This usually gets rid of awkward items.

  Bailey08787 18:47 12 Jul 2008

It doesn't show up in the list of programs that can be uninstalled

  Technotiger 19:03 12 Jul 2008

Try the Search facility in Revo.

  Technotiger 17:54 18 May 2009

The idea of this Helproom is to show the solutions here, so that all may benefit.

We would never advise getting solutions via email.

  Technotiger 07:59 01 Oct 2009

This is an old thread, I would expect that Bailey08787 has by now found a solution ....

and in any case please see my Post above at 17.54 on 18/05/09 ...........

  Bailey08787 19:02 02 Oct 2009

I can't quite remember but I think I just resorted to a format and reinstall in the end

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