how to remove the back of philips x56

  SJ73 16:01 30 Mar 2010

hi i have a philips freevents x56. i need to take the back off to get to the motherboard. i have taken all screws that i can see but it still seems to be fixed cd drive is and along the front. many thanks

  oldbeefer3 17:52 30 Mar 2010

If you're referring to the base of a laptop, once the screws are out the bases are secured (usually) by a series of internal plastic clips. I have a very thin, screwdriver shaped hard plastic tool which will unclip them (have to slide the tool into the join then twist). If you're not too worried about the finish, you could try a thin, blunt ended knife. Once the first clip has released, just run the 'tool' along the join until it stops at the next clip. Another twist and away you go! Take the battery out before you start.

  SJ73 20:07 30 Mar 2010

ok. sounds good. but ive looked and cant see anything. what sort of thing would i be looking for, and how far in are they. i dont want to damaged the motherboard. im after opening to see if a bit can be mended but dont want to make it worse.

  Technotiger 20:15 30 Mar 2010

I have not studied this, but you might get some clues here click here

  SJ73 19:42 22 Apr 2010

never really found out how to do it. but ended up paying for it to be done. so its back and im happy. thanks for the help.

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