how to remove AVG Nation

  pollpott 09:44 03 Oct 2013

Avg Nation has suddenly appeared on my desktop running Win8 and I have tried to remove it using ADW cleaner which did remove some files but it still crops up when I am using Google Chrome. Any help in removing this would be appreciated.

  pollpott 10:21 03 Oct 2013

I tried uninstalling it via control panel/uninstall but although I selected it, clicked remove and selected "yes" to make changes, nothing happened and it is still there. I tried twice and it is still there.

  pollpott 10:25 03 Oct 2013

When I posted on here I got a box asking for username and password for authentication supposedly from PCAdvisor, is this genuine?

  lotvic 10:39 03 Oct 2013

I think you have to delete/change the homepage/tab settings in Chrome so that AVG Nation is not an entry.

  pollpott 12:10 03 Oct 2013

Thanks I have removed it from the list of search engines but it is still appearing in my list of programmes in the control panel and I still cant uninstall it so I have the feeling that it will appear again, still, fingers crossed.

  lotvic 12:53 03 Oct 2013

As Jock1e says,

To uninstall from Windows XP/VISTA/7:

  • Click windows START button
  • Select Setting/Control panel
  • Select add remove programs
  • Select Nation Toolbar
  • Select Uninstall
  pollpott 12:57 03 Oct 2013

I have disabled it in startup, thanks, but I am puzzled as to why I cannot delete the program via control panel,I thought you could delete anything there.

  spuds 13:22 03 Oct 2013

You could download and install the free copy of Revo Uninstaller, and see if AVG Nation is still showing in the programme listing, if it is, then try Revo for un-installing the possible issue. That should remove any bits left behind, from other attempts.

  lotvic 13:28 03 Oct 2013

When you used ADW cleaner you prob have removed some files/part of the program needed to do the uninstall via Windows Add/remove

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