How to remotely access a friends PC to help her with her PC problems

  julius44 05:39 12 Dec 2011

Good morning to you all. I need some help please. I have a work colleague that has a windows xp desktop pc that has been running slow for a while, normally i would go down to hers and help her resolve the problems in the past as ive done this loadz of times, but now i'm quite busy. I've read on the internet that that are ways to remote access a pc to solve problems, if this is possible can someone kindly guide me through this please?? My desktop pc is windows 7, and hers is windows XP(or maybe vista) would this be an issue??

I just need step by step guidance and to find outh whether its possible, so that i may help her. many thanks.

  northumbria61 07:47 12 Dec 2011
  compumac 08:26 12 Dec 2011

I use Teamviewer Free! many, many times and very good.

Select "Start Full Version" Click on "Save" This will then default to "Save As" to the desktop. Use this unless you wish to place it elsewhere. Click on "Save" This will now download to the desktop (if that is where you selected it to go) Double click on "Teamviewer" icon to install to PC. Click on "Run" Two options shown "Install" or "Run" Click on "Install" Click on "Next" A dialogue box will come up "How do you want to use Teamviewer?" Click on second one "Personal non commercial use" Click on "Next" Click on "Accept terms and licence" also other option, so that both options are ticked. Click on "Next" Select Normal installation which is the default. You do not need to create a password unless you want to. Click on "Next" Click on "Finish"

There will now be an icon on the desktop "Teamviewer 4" To start the programme - Double click on "Teamviewer4" This will then display a dialogue box. This will have two headings On the left is "Wait for session" Under this heading is your ID which will remain on the PC Under that will be your CURRENT password for the CURRENT session.

For myself to access your PC and help with problems, you would start up Teamviewer4 and phone me with your ID and the password for the CURRENT session. I would input that information onto my PC and would be able to see and use your PC. At all times you would see what is happening and could stop the session or indeed take over the screen. At the end of the session do not forget to close the programme down.

This programme is also excellent for sending large files to someone else as opposed to sending them as an attachment in an e-mail. I have just sent 180Mb of photos using Teamviewer and it took under three minutes.

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