How to reinstall graphics card drivers.

  wesparmalee 22:50 06 Jul 2005

Just a quick question,how do you go about reinstalling your graphics card drivers?I'm having problems with desktop icons flashing and refreshing contantly,and have been advised to uninstall the graphics drivers,then reinstall them.I'm using Windows XP,please advise,thanks.

  User-312386 23:01 06 Jul 2005

Hi all
Updating a driver is "easy"

Lets Say we want to install an ATI graphics driver, we go to ATI click here (Nvidia click here) Now click on drivers and software, then select your O/S (operating system) Next you are asked which Graphics card, In my case its a Radeon.

You next get presented with a screen asking you which type of "Display driver", in my case i wont the Catalyst for windows and click on the link.

Next i want the complete package with Display driver catalyst. Now download that, to a new folder.

Next click here for drivercleaner pro, which gets rid of any remnants of ATI (or Nvidia or for any drivers), install it. We will use this later.

Now thats downloaded i need first to uninstall all drivers for ATI, so i go to start>control panel>add remove programmes and then look down the list for mentions of ATI and uninstall them.

Next go to safe mode (Restart and start hitting F8 and select safe mode) Now start drive cleaner pro and select ATI and then select Start, repeat process with all ATI. Now restart computer and go to normal mode.

When windows restarts, driver wizards pop up, press cancel.

Now find the Driver where you downloaded it and double click it. This will now install the new Graphics card drivers.

Restart computer and thats it all done

  wesparmalee 00:42 07 Jul 2005

Thanks very much for your advice,will give this a go.

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