How to reformat before reinstalling Win XP?

  DIYgirl 19:37 20 Sep 2008

After a horrible virus attack I've got my computer clean again, but there are many problems with how some of the programs run.

It seems easier to format the hard drive and reinstall windows than to try to fish around and track down all the problems and resolve them.

I've tried to reformat then reinstall WinXP, but when I boot from the Win XP CD it just reinstalls Windows over the old version, leaving all other programs intact, which is not what I want.

I've searched through the threads here, but can't find any explicit instructions on how to do this. Can anyone help? Please?

  DIYgirl 19:40 20 Sep 2008

Sorry, I should add: I have two hard drives on this computer, so could perhaps put a new installation onto the one I currently use as a backup, and use that as my main drive instead, if that would make things simpler--I've already backed up all my data and emails etc. onto the second drive, so everything's duplicated.

  rdave13 19:48 20 Sep 2008

This is a good guide to reformat and install XP on your C: drive; click here

  ronalddonald 20:01 20 Sep 2008

the procedure is as follows:
1. insert disc into drive
2. restar computter
3. as computer is restarting press F12 key
4. Follow on screen instructions fform there
5. b4 you do any of the above save your precious file son a pen drive VERY IMPORTANT.
6. Make yourelf a cup of tea coz youv'e around two hours of waiting time.
7. must point out after i think its ten reformats the installation number may not work as you register through the net, just ring them ant tell them programs had a conflict thats why your reinstalling program Microsoftie will ask quetions like how may computers are running this programe just tell them one.

Ta ta then good luck on your reformat

  Usx9 02:32 21 Sep 2008

If you still have this problem, go and download PClinuxOS, burn the ISO file to a disc using nero or Roxio, once it has finished burning, leave it in the drive, reset your pc, logon to linux (it will say the logon details somewhere on the page), double click Install linux, after some clicking, you will get to a page where you see some bars (mostly blue), make sure you are on HDD0 or HDD1 or similar, click the biggest section, and click delete, it will ask what file system you want, select unformatted or similar, click next, wait for it to format the HDD, and as soon as its done, take out the disc and restart the pc, then reinstall windows.

  Andsome 07:57 21 Sep 2008

Some excellent installation guides on here

click here

  rambus 11:09 21 Sep 2008

if you have installed sevice pack 3 then this is the cause of your problem. go to add/remove prog`s and uninstall service pack 3 then reboot using your windows installation disc. then you will be able to reformat and reinstall a clean version of operating system. had to do this myself recently on daughters pc.

  gary2112 11:42 21 Sep 2008

1 reboot pc press del go into the bios and make shore that the first boot device is your dvd or cd .drive .safe and reboot your computer place xp disk in the drive .reboot your pc,
2 windows xp will reboot and ask you to press f8
the installation will scan your hardrive for xp thats all ready installed and ask you if you would like to format the drive or remove the old xp by pressing \L if you had a virus i would make shore you do a backup of your files that you would like to keep if not press format do a quick format windows will then reinstall.quick tip since you have 2 harddrives back up your drivers from your pc or download the drivers befor you start and place them on the drive you are not playing to install windows on as this will safe time and a load of agro later on .ps if you get realy stuck ill add me to this msn if you have [email protected]

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