How to reduce/increase printing %?

  MichelleC 11:21 06 Dec 2003

It's probably just a simple thing, but is there a utility which allows you to print with the image at say 50%? I've used epsom, HP and Lexmark and none of these allow any control over reducing or enlarging (unless i'm missing something). How I miss the Mac's where this was just taken for granted.

  vinnyT 11:31 06 Dec 2003

Just had a look in my options for my ml-4500 laser, and there is an options box for scales ie 100= full size, 50= half, etc. so maybe you have the same facility somewhere.

  joberons 11:38 06 Dec 2003


I have a HP Photosmart 7550 and the HP "Print & Document Director" software certainly allows u to specify the % u want to have a document at as standard. However, this printer wasn't one of the cheapest lol! I don't know about other printer software.

U could try downloading image software as this will often allow u to resize documents by a specified %.., try some of the free downloadable image software. I can't specify a particular one as it is down to personal taste which one u like using but if u do a general search thru google for 'free downloadable image software' u should get quite a few choices. Some people like Ulead which is often on magazine discs, I use PaintShop Pro and love it, but it is only available on a time limited free trial and then u have to pay for it.

  Pesala 12:46 06 Dec 2003

click here

Web pages can be scaled to fit the page when printing from Opera.

  MichelleC 13:27 06 Dec 2003

Thank you guys. maybe if printer makers raise the price of cartridges (!!!) they can afford to include it as a standard command.

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