How to reduce the size of pictures

  ponytail 10:15 12 Jun 2019

My wife is trying to sort out all the photos on her laptop but whenever she clicks on one it is 100% in size and she wants it set at 50%.She is having to change the sizes one by one can she set the size at 50% so it stays at 50%.The model number looks like L2W43A and perhaps ABU at the end.Thanks

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:32 12 Jun 2019

What program is she using to open the pictures?

  ponytail 10:53 12 Jun 2019

She has just gone out shopping will find out when she returns.Could it be Google Chrome as I know uses that for lots of things.

  ponytail 19:42 13 Jun 2019

I have sorted this problem out now I called into my local PC shop which have done before and he sorted it out in no time.He said my wife should have Paint what ever that means but thanks for the replies much appreciated.

  Menzie 22:40 13 Jun 2019

Paint will still only offer single image processing at a time. To select a folder of files for instance and choose to reduce the resolution on all (batch processing) try something like Ifranview.

It's free software that has been around for many years. Tech advisor have a write up on it that you can look at here.

  x13 22:58 13 Jun 2019

As Menzie it's the only true free editing software that can even produce a passport sized image if required. Link

  wee eddie 23:24 13 Jun 2019

I think that Ponytail is actually referring to the way the picture displays on her Monitor

  x13 23:35 13 Jun 2019

I think that Ponytail is actually referring to the way the picture displays on her Monitor

Agreed so please advise how to.

  Menzie 00:55 14 Jun 2019

The fact that Paint was recommended by the computer store made me think otherwise.

However if viewing the images is the issue. In Chrome simply Zoom out; hold Ctrl on the keyboard and use the mouse wheel to zoom out to view the entire image.

For the default Windows viewer the mouse wheel also controls zoom.

If Irfanview is used then going into the settings and choosing View> Display options> Fit images to window will help larger images scale to the resolution it is being viewed on.

  ponytail 09:34 14 Jun 2019

My wife has transfered some more photos from her camera this morning and when she went open them they were as she wanted them.

  griffon56 14:32 26 Jun 2019

Hi Ponytail, I'm getting into this a bit late but there's a good free program called PIXresizer at which will do singles and batches and leaves the originals as was. Default settings are simple to use but it's also capable of doing a lot more such as changing the format of photos and so on. Hope that's useful.

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