How to reduce size of mp3's

  grussell 17:20 02 Oct 2004

Are there any half decent programs out there that can reduce the size of mp3s, but still keeping the same quality. I don't won't to use WMA.

p.s preferably free programs

  Noelg23 17:26 02 Oct 2004

there should be some sort of compressing facility with the player you have if its Win Media or Real Player...I was thinking of looking into this too as I want to reduce the size but the keep the quality just aint got round to it...lets hope someone can help but i am going to check WIn Media Player sometime soon and see if that helps or not...

  Irishman 17:27 02 Oct 2004

click here

But reducing the size means lowering the quality. It's unavoidable.

  JonnyTub 17:35 02 Oct 2004

If you have nero you can use the wave editor. As irishman say's though you can only reduce file size at the cost of quality, that is unless you chop the song in half ;-)

  Noelg23 17:37 02 Oct 2004

well I have Nero 6 so I will give it a try...thanks again Jonny...blimey your everywhere mate...

  JonnyTub 17:40 02 Oct 2004

you too :-)

  TomJerry 17:55 02 Oct 2004

MP3 is already a compressed format, a lot of clever people did a lot studies to form this format. Don't you think they will do it if it can be compressed further.
The only way to reduce size is to loss quality either by down-sampling.

If your player can handle it, it might to try to reencode it with MP3Pro which gives about half size of MP3 at the same quality.

WMA (you do like) and AAC both offer smaller size than MP3.

  pj123 17:58 02 Oct 2004

I use WisMP3 to encode .wav files to .mp3

I have just converted a 29mb .wav file to MP3 at 128mbps (CD Quality) and it now shows as a 2mb file and plays perfectly. How much further do you want to go?

  Noelg23 18:03 02 Oct 2004

well I copied a tune off a CD onto my PC as MP3 and it was at least 10MB!! so at least half that may be OK...but yes I know WMA can reduce it but the quality is somehow the same...but we'll see...

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