How to reduce distortion when using .wav editor?

  TimCDC 09:22 08 Dec 2003

I am trying to archive my LPs onto CD and have so far managed to store each side of a test LP as a complete .wav file. When I use a .wav editor to separate them, I get quite a lot of distortion (so far I have tried the free utility Audiowriter and also the editor that came bundled with my Creative Soundcard. I noticed that an article in a computer magazine said that “some distortion is inevitable” with Audiowriter). Can anyone recommend a free/cheap editor that won’t introduce disortion? I guess the alternative is simply to record each track from the LP as a separate file, but I’d rather find a decent editor…

  Peverelli 13:33 08 Dec 2003

Strange. I use the wave editor supplied with my Creative sound card (Creative Wave Studio) and suffer no distortion when splitting tracks. Have you made sure that you're not recording at too high a level in the first place? If the recording level is too high then you will experience distortion as digital can not handle high peaks as well as analogue recording.

  toxin 15:08 08 Dec 2003

I agree with Peverelli; it's most likely to occur when recorded at too high a volume.
If you have Nero, use the wave editor in that, and make sure the record level never shows red; adjust your Line Input in the volume controls.

Audio Cleaning Lab is a good program for what you are doing, cost around £30 from Amazon. Or if you want shareware try click here.

  TimCDC 15:25 08 Dec 2003

I shall re-record at lower levels. I'm not sure that that will be the problem as I made sure that the levels on the meter were always in the yellow band, rather than peaking into the red - but I shall give it a go. Thanks.

  TimCDC 21:45 08 Dec 2003

Well, I have to admit it was just the recording levels! Thanks for the suggestion Peverelli & toxin. Let's hope all my problems are that straightforward!

  Peverelli 00:16 09 Dec 2003

Glad it's worked for you. Remember that the level meters are not totally accurate, it's always best to make a short test recording (preferably a loud part) then listen to the result and adjust as necessary.

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