How to recover files after a virus attack Windows 7

  Laban 00:18 19 Oct 2014

Hi guys, I'm gonna be as detailed as possible and I pray to God that someone here can help me. So my laptop has crashed due to a virus attack. I'm sure it's a virus attack cause my laptop never booted up after I was prompted to restart it by my antivirus software, Norton Internet Security. During the restart process my USB stick which was scanned and a virus was detected on was still plugged in. Maybe that's where I went wrong.

I decided to take out my laptop's HDD and connect it to another computer using an external drive case and all the cables, etc. So I open up "computer" on the laptop I'm using and notice that my laptop's HDD "Local Disk F" says "277GB free of 277GB'. I immediately flip out and start opening up folders. When I navigated to my user folder, (F:\Users) I notice that my user folder "Laban" was totally gone. It wasn't there. It got deleted somehow and I'm sure I didn't format my HDD. By the way, the show hidden files and folders options is ticked, and it's still not there. Only the Administrator, Default and Public folders are there and they are all empty! All their sub-folders are empty (Documents, empty; Desktop, empty; Downloads, empty; etc)

So what do I do guys? I honestly can't afford to lose my files. I can not. I don't have a backup of anything. I was supposed to make one the day the laptop crashed, but I didn't. I was thinking of recovery software but please don't recommend Recuva. I've used it on a separate occasion before and I didn't like the way it recovered some of files without their original names. Please I want a recovery software that will get me all my files in their original file names and folders. I want something that when it scans my HDD I can see the folders the way how they were in Windows, I wanna be able to recover from my Laban desktop, downloads, music, video, etc folders respectively. I don't mind paying the price of any software. Please help me. Or does anyone suggest another approach? Thanks for all your help!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:56 19 Oct 2014

Put it back in the laptop and attempt to reboot (without the USB stick).

What then happens ?

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