How to recover deleted Internet history ?

  crespo 20:08 24 Jan 2019

I'm a silver surfer and somehow i've deleted all my Chrome internet history. How can i recover this, as there were some very important links that i have no way of remembering. I'm having to start from scratch and this will be almost impossible. I've done a System Restore but a screen message says this is not possible. Help !

  MJS WARLORD 20:32 24 Jan 2019

one left click one search box brings up a new windows feature called timeline , it tracks almost everything you do , on the web tab scroll the time line slider on right side , it might find you what you are looking for …. NOT guaranteed to go back far enough for you but it might help.

  MJS WARLORD 20:37 24 Jan 2019

quick update click on this website

click here in and under the explore data list click on search , DONT choose clear history , scroll the listing , it will show all the sites you have been on


  crespo 23:08 24 Jan 2019

I'm using Windows 8.1 - i can't find any timeline function.

  alanrwood 15:50 25 Jan 2019

Sorry but there is no Timeline in 8.1 I believe.

Did you have a Chrome Account which stored your data online?

  wee eddie 01:20 28 Jan 2019

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